東京で歯医者をお探しの方へ(For those who are looking for a dentist in Tokyo)



Thank you for visiting our clinic’s website.
If you are looking for a dentist in Tokyo, please come to Kamiyacho Dental Clinic.

About Kamiyacho Dental Clinic

Please see below the features of our clinic.


Our clinic specializes in efficient and effective treatment using the latest technology.
In order to prevent infection and protect your privacy, we offer private treatment rooms where patients can spend time and be treated in comfort.


Our core services utilize advanced dental microscopes, not yet widely adopted in Japan, to provide treatment that meets the highest of international standards.
We offer intensive high-quality treatments that can be completed in a single visit, for procedures where multiple appointments are normally required.

Our patients are typically senior managers and business professionals, within Japan and living abroad, for whom time is precious, and would like to receive advanced dental treatments in as short a time as possible.


The doctor and staff speak English, so please do not hesitate to contact us or come to our clinic if this may be a concern.
We look forward to seeing your smile at Kamiyacho Dental Clinic.

Treatment Flow


Our clinic offers short-term intensive treatment with as few visits as possible. We offer general dentistry services such as cavity treatment, periodontal check-ups, and whitening.
Short-term intensive treatment is at your own expense.
To provide short-term intensive treatment, we require an initial consultation to develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

1.ご予約 Reservations


Please make an appointment via the Internet or by phone. After making an appointment, we will send you a web-based medical questionnaire, which you are requested to fill out before the consultation. Your appointment will be completed when you fill out the medical questionnaire.

2.初診 Initial consultation


After your visit, we will perform various examinations, propose a treatment plan, and prepare an estimate of the number of treatments required. The initial consultation fee also includes treatment to prepare your oral environment for short-term intensive treatment.

3.治療 Treatment


We will schedule your visit and start the treatment. By using an operating microscope and abiding by international standards for safe drugs usage and methods, we can complete your treatment in as little as one visit instead of the usual 4-5 visits.


If you would like to start treatment on the day of your first visit, e.g., if you only have one day to come to the clinic, we can provide you with an estimate of the number of treatments and the cost in advance by e-mail. If this is your wish, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Here are some comments from patients who have visited our clinic.

It was excellent. Everything was fully explained, and a clear plan was set out from my first appointment about everything that needed to be accomplished in a reasonable time frame.

Anybody who is afraid of visiting The Dentist. Dr Takashima is sympathetic and understanding and does her very best to keep treatment painless.


I am living abroad and was looking for a dentist who could do a root canal during my short stay in Japan. I decided to go with Dr Takashima because I thought she would be able to do exactly what I wanted. When I emailed her beforehand, she replied very quickly and saved me considerable trouble.

The clinic is very clean, and privacy (because you are allowed to wait in a private room).
They have Wifi and I found the tooth brushing lesson was very useful. Above all, the doctor is very professional and trustworthy.