It was excellent.


The director and other staff at the clinic speak English, so please feel free to visit us.

なぜ神谷町デンタルクリニックをお選びいただいたのですか? (Which reasons best explain your decision to become a patient at Kamiyacho Dental Clinic.)

短期治療にご興味があったから (interest in our concentrated treatments)
HPで検索して (find our Homepage from a search engine)

I needed quite extensive remedial treatment but did not want to spend months going to repeat treatments.
I also had some bad experiences in the past from a pain aspect and being ‘rushed’.

神谷町デンタルクリニックをご家族・友人に勧めたいと思いますか?(How likely are you to recommend Kamiyacho Dental Clinic to a friend or family member? Please rate from a scale of 1-10 and specify why.)

10:思う would recommend
Excellent Dentist. Very clean single person treatment rooms.

どなたにご紹介したいと思いますか? (Who would you recommend our facility to?)

Anybody who has fear of visiting The Dentist. Dr Takashima is sympathetic and understanding and does her very best to keep treatment painless.

治療をお受けいただきましたご感想をお聞かせいただけますでしょうか。(Please share any thoughts regarding your experiences with our dental treatments.)

It was excellent. Everything was fully explained and a clear plan was set out from my first appointment about everything that needed to be accomplished in a reasonable time frame.